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How is She'z Royalty Collection hair different?

She’z Royalty Collection represents a Queen’s power, beauty, and strength. Our company was created with the vision that every woman is beautiful and deserves to wear stunning luxurious hair of the highest quality. thorough quality inspection process to ensure it’s in perfect condition. As the top industry-leading virgin hair company in Toronto, VERY We guarantee luxury at your fingertips that you will be 100% satisfied with. Each strand of our hair is “raw and unprocessed” meaning that it has never been dyed, relaxed, colored, bleached or chemically altered in any way. Our products go through a She'z long-lasting virgin hair from around the world that is highly recommended for its lustrous appearance, smooth texture, and eye-catching patterns. At TOP QUALITY Royalty Collection has built its reputation for providing only She’z Royalty Collection we guaranteed quality and luxury behind each strand and take pride in offering 100% authentic virgin hair that has been hand-picked and collected from each donor with all cuticles intact and fully aligned in one direction from root to tip. We are your #1 source for the highest quality of luxury raw virgin hair on the market and we have made it our priority to strive for nothing less than perfection.


We invite you to experience The Royal Treatment...


Does She'z Royalty Collection Hair Shed?

Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding which is absolutely normal. However, at She’z Royalty Collection, we maintain a very high level of quality assurance and our wefts are double stitched to ensure there is very little to no shedding. If you do experience slight shedding (1-2 strands) please be rest assured that this is completely normal and there will never be a noticeable or drastic decrease in density or volume. 


How long does She'z Royalty Collection hair last?

At She’z Royalty Collection, we believe your hair is an investment. With proper hair care and maintenance, our raw virgin hair is designed to last approximately up to 2 years.


What's the difference between 100 Gram bundles and 120 Gram bundles? 

100G bundles weigh approximately 3.5 oz and are the standard normal weight that most virgin hair companies sell. 120G bundles weigh approximately 4.2 oz and are constructed with more hair per bundle to achieve a more full and voluminous look. Due to each bundle being sourced from only 1 donor, we normally we recommend purchasing 120G bundles for lengths longer than 20".


What's the difference between single drawn & double drawn bundles?

Single drawn bundles are normally sold by most virgin hair companies. The hair is drawn in a single process resulting in shorter hairs throughout the bundle. Therefore, approximately 50% of the bundle is an equal length from top to bottom. Single drawn bundles give a more natural-looking appearance as the ends are more tapered.


Double drawn bundles are drawn in a second process resulting in longer hairs throughout the bundle. Therefore, approximately 90% of the bundle is an equal length from top to bottom. Double drawn bundles give a more fuller appearance at the ends as they are thicker.


Will your hair extensions damage my hair?

No damage will occur when hair extensions are applied and installed by a professional along with proper hair care and maintenance.


What color is She'z Royalty Collection hair?

She’z Royalty Collection's raw virgin hair will range between a natural 1b and 2 color (sometimes lighter). Each batch of hair is unique and comes from a separate donor, therefore, we cannot guarantee the exact hair color as each donor's natural hair color is different. This is the nature of unprocessed raw virgin hair. 


Why are one of my hair bundles a slightly lighter shade?

Due to our hair being 100% raw unprocessed virgin hair, in some instances you may detect slight discolouration from each hair bundle. This is due to each bundle of hair being sourced exclusively from one donor only. Please note that each donor will not have the exact same shade of hair colour. Be rest assured that this is completely normal and this is the nature of raw unprocessed virgin hair.


Can I color, dye, or bleach She'z Royalty Collection hair?

Yes! Because She’z Royalty Collection hair is 100% raw unprocessed virgin hair, it can be colored, bleached, or dyed according to any shade you desire! However, we strongly recommend consulting with a licensed professional before bleaching, coloring, or chemically altering your hair extensions. She'z Royalty Collection is not liable for any damaged hair extensions after they have been dyed, bleached, or chemically altered by a third party. 


and that our raw virgin hair has been salon tested and certified for normal Please note that should you decide to bleach a curly/wavy texture, there is a chance that it may slightly loosen due to chemically altering the natural curl pattern. Please be rest assured that this process is completely coloring


We do not recommend bleaching our blonde hair as it has already gone through an extensive bleaching process. Should you wish to dye or bleach your blonde hair, we cannot guarantee the outcome and will not be responsible for any damage that may occur. 


Should I co-wash my hair before I install it?

Yes! We recommend to always co-wash your hair before installation. This is done to gently cleanse the hair, prepare it for installation, and to transform the hair to its natural state. Co-washing is the process of gently cleansing your hair using a moisturizing condition without the use of shampoo. Click here for a step-by-step instructional video on how to co-wash your hair extensions. 


Should I seal my wefts/knots?

Our wefts are reinforced with double stitching and won’t unravel if cut. Although we do not suggest cutting the wefts, if you do decide to cut them, we strongly recommend sealing your wefts with a weft sealer such as "Fray Check". We also recommend sealing your closures/frontals prior to installing as closures/frontals are delicate and each hair strand is carefully hand-sewn onto the lace base and knotted. With washing and daily styling, knots may sometimes loosen and the hair strands may shed leading to thinning or even balding. Sealing your closure will secure the knots inside the lace. Please consult with your stylist for sealing options. 


For pre-constructed and custom-made wig units, we recommend sealing the knots after each wash to preserve the unit. For best results, turn your unit upside down on a mannequin head with the lace side facing up. Spray your unit with knot sealer very lightly about 8 inches away and let air dry. 


What colour is the lace on your closures & frontals?

All of our closures and frontals are carefully hand-tied and constructed using only the highest quality of Swiss Lace. The Swiss Lace used is a medium brown color.


Do your frontals already come pre-plucked?

Yes! Our frontals already come lightly pre-plucked during the construction phase to give a realistic and natural appearance. 


Can She'z Royalty Collection hair blend in with my natural hair?

Yes! She'z Royalty Collection hair can easily blend with every texture of hair from every ethnicity. If you don’t feel your hair will blend or your hair length isn't long enough to blend in, we recommend purchasing a closure or frontal.


Can I use heat styling tools (blow-dryer, flat iron, curling wand, etc.)

on my hair? 

Yes! Because She’z Royalty hair is 100% raw unprocessed virgin hair, it can be curled, straightened, blow-dried, or styled with any heat styling tools just like your own natural hair. However, in order to preserve and extend the longevity of your hair extensions, we strongly suggest to always use a heat protectant spray/serum that can withstand up to 450 degrees before styling your virgin hair. We also recommend to use heat styling tools in moderation and limit the amount of heat you apply to your virgin hair.


What hair products can I use on my virgin hair?

We believe that your hair is an investment, therefore, it's important to invest in good quality hair care products. Since virgin hair does not get consistent nourishment from the scalp like our natural hair, it is important to choose the right hair care products to keep your virgin hair looking and feeling luxurious.


When selecting hair care products for your hair extensions, we recommend using alcohol-free and sulfate-free products as alcohol and sulfate can severely dry the hair out - leading to frizziness, matting, or tangling. Try to look for products that are specially formulated for dry and damaged hair, as they will help keep the strands healthy and nourished. Natural Oils such as argan oil and coconut oil are a great choice for deep hydration. 


How often can I wash my virgin hair?

As mentioned above, since your virgin hair does not receive the natural oils from your scalp like our own natural hair, they do not need to be washed very frequently. We do strongly recommend to deep condition your hair extensions on a regular basis (at least once a week) to keep it healthy and nourished, to restore smoothness, and to maintain longevity and manageability.   


Will She'z Royalty Collection revert back to it's natural state after being washed?

Yes! Due to it's high quality, in most cases our raw virgin hair will revert back to it's natural state after being washed. Looser textures such as body wave, loose wave, and loose curl will tend to loosen a bit after each wash. Please be rest assured that this is completely NORMAL as washing your raw virgin hair will transform the hair to it's natural state.  


What is the best way to brush my virgin hair?

We recommend to brush your virgin hair daily and throughout the day with a wide tooth comb or detangling brush. When brushing your bundles, we recommend to gently brush the hair from the bottom up to alleviate added pressure on the wefts and to gently loosen and smoothen any tangles in the hair. When brushing your closure/frontal, we recommend brushing very gently to avoid ripping and/or puncturing the delicate lace. Please remember to brush gently to avoid breakage of the hair. Treat your virgin hair as if it were your own natural hair. 


How do I sleep with my virgin hair?

We do not recommend sleeping with your hair extensions out. If possible, always sleep on a silk pillow with your hair tied neatly using a satin scarf or bonnet. If you are wearing clip-in hair extensions, please remove them before going to sleep. Avoid sleeping on wet or damp hair as it may promote tangling and/or matting.  


Can I swim with my virgin hair?

We do not recommend swimming with your hair extensions or getting them wet (except while washing them). Chlorine from swimming pools, salt from ocean water, and dirt in all bodies of water can be damaging to your hair extensions. If you plan on swimming, please wear a swim cap to protect your hair from the water. If you are wearing clip-in hair extensions, please remove them before entering the water.  


How many bundles do I need for a full sew-in?

The number of bundles needed depends on the type of look the client is going for. Some clients prefer three bundles over two bundles; some prefer four bundles over three. It varies by each client and their desired style. As a general rule we recommend purchasing:

♛ 2 bundles for 8-12” lengths

♛ 3 bundles for 14-20” lengths

♛ 4 bundles for 22-26” lengths

♛ 4-5 bundles for 28-30” lengths


How much does each bundle weigh?

Each bundle weighs approximately 100 grams or 3.5 oz. All of our clients now have the option of upgrading to 120 grams (4.2 oz) per bundle at an extra cost.


How do I prepare my hair for my sew-in installation?

There are a few important steps to take to prepare your hair

and make sure that it’s in the best condition before installation.  


Seal in Moisture

Since your natural hair is going to be braided underneath the sew-in for longer than a week, you want to ensure your strands are well moisturized and not brittle or drying out.

Apply your favourite oil to the strands of your hair (we recommend either coconut oil or argan oil).

This will help seal in some moisture into your hair prior to installation.


Trim the Ends

Trim your ends just before you get a new sew-in to avoid breakage

and tangling when you remove your hair extensions.


Scalp Treatment

Perform a relaxing hot oil treatment on your scalp. This will help get rid of build up, refresh your scalp, and possibly avoid any unnecessary itch while you have your hair extensions installed.


Avoid Chemicals

Try to avoid any chemical treatment on your hair for at least 2 weeks prior to your install.

This will ensure that your hair is not fragile going through all that

pulling and tugging while it is getting braided and sewn in.


How do I determine which wig cap size is the right size for me?

Please refer to our sizing chart here for steps on how to measure for the perfect fit!


Help! I ordered a custom-made unit and it does not fit

All of our custom made units are tailored according to each client's measurements and include an elastic band and/or wig combs for a more secure fit. We strongly recommend that you provide an accurate measurement on the custom unit form as we are NOT responsible for inaccurate fittings. Please refer to our wig measurement video here to take accurate measurements. 


How long does my hair have to be to wear clip-in extensions?

For your clip-in hair extensions to blend naturally, we recommend that your hair be at least 6-7 inches long which is about shoulder length. The reason for this is because firstly the wefts may not be able to clip sturdily onto short hair and secondly the clips may show through. Please refer to our blending clip-in hair extensions video here to learn more about how to seamlessly blend in clip-in hair extensions with shorter hair. 


How do I install my clip-in hair extensions?

Installing clip-in hair extensions is very simple and easy! Simply snap the clips open and clip them close to the roots of your hair. They will stay securely in your hair without showing. Teasing the roots of your hair is optional and at the customer's discretion. Please refer to our clip in hair installation video here for step-by-step instructions on how to properly install clip in hair extensions. 


If an item is available for pre-order, can I still purchase it?

Yes! Placing a pre-order will reserve your item for you so once we are back in stock, we will ship your order right away. Popular items may sell out quickly and temporarily be on backorder. This means that the items are currently out of stock but there are shipments currently on their way to re-stock our shelves. Ordering an item that is currently available for pre-order is a worry-free way to ensure that you will be first in line for new inventory that comes in. These items will automatically ship out as soon as we receive the item. You will be notified via a shipment confirmation email (and a tracking number) once your pre-ordered items have shipped. We will do our best to estimate when items are expected to ship and post this information on the website, as well as update all customers who have purchased pre-ordered items.


What type of payments do you take?

We currently accept all payments through Paypal. You are NOT required to have a credit card or a PayPal account if you wish to pay with Paypal. You may simply link your bank account to your Paypal account and proceed with completing your purchase. 


Am I able to return or exchange my hair extensions?

At She’z Royalty Collection, we maintain a very high level of quality assurance. All of our products go through a VERY vigorous inspection process to ensure you are receiving only the best quality product possible. Due to the nature of our products and in accordance with health and sanitary regulations, all sales are FINAL and no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. Please refer to our refund/exchange policy here for further information. 


Help! I made a mistake on my order. How do I make changes or cancel my order?

She’z Royalty Collection is dedicated to providing all of our Queens with an exceptional customer service experience. If feel that you placed your order in error and wish to make any changes or cancel your order, we will do our best to reasonably accommodate your request prior to shipping your order. Please email us with your request as soon as possible at


How long does it take for me to receive my order?

Due to the intense high volume of orders, please allow up to 72 hours (3 business days) for your order to be processed. All orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days after payment has been processed. The above shipping days are only an estimate as MOST orders ship faster than the days mentioned above. Please ensure that you billing address and shipping address MATCH. Packages will NOT be shipped out unless the billing and shipping address match. 


Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number and anticipated delivery date. Please be sure to check your inbox and spam folder for your tracking number. Weekends and holidays do not count as business days or shipping days. ALL orders require a signature upon delivery. No exceptions. Please refer to our Shipping/Delivery page here for further information and for more information on special order items.


Please note: Pre-order/customized items are handcrafted from scratch and uniquely tailored to each customer. These items do require extra time to complete as each strand of hair is hand-ventilated onto the lace base and is custom made to your perfect fit.

Below are approximate timelines of completion for pre-order/customized items:


Custom Made Closure or Frontal Units (Including Custom Colour): 2 weeks

Pre-Order Full Lace Units: 4-6 Weeks

Pre-Order 5x5 and 6x6 Natural Closures: 4 weeks

Pre-Order 13x6 Natural Closures: 4 weeks


How can I track my order?

Once your order has been received, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your order is processing. You will then receive a second confirmation e-mail once your order has shipped which will include your tracking number, a link to track your package (if applicable), and anticipated delivery date. Please ensure that your email on file is correct and accurate. Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours before tracking info becomes visible online after receiving your tracking information.


How long does shipping take?

Canada: Local domestic orders are shipped express (1 business day) and nationwide (2-3 business days)

USA: 2-3 business days

International: 10-15 business days (may be longer for slow-to-ship countries)


Which shipping carriers does She'z Royalty Collection use?

In Canada, domestic orders are shipped via Canada Post. International orders are shipped via FedEx, DHL or UPS.


What if my package gets lost, stolen, or is late?

She’z Royalty Collection is committed to assisting our customers to the best of our ability. However, please note that we are not liable nor responsible for delayed, damaged, lost, or stolen packages. Please note at times there may be unforeseeable acts of nature and/or other issues that may arise, whereby the shipping carrier may fail to carry out their duties to honor the delivery time. In the rare event that this occurs, we strongly encourage customers to file a claim with the shipping carrier. Please note, we are unable to issue refunds for shipping charges in case of delayed, damaged, lost, or stolen packages.


My package states that it has been delivered but I

have not received it?

All of She’z Royalty Collection’s shipments include signature delivery confirmation on each order to guarantee delivery to the address on file. If the tracking information confirms that your order has been delivered to your address but you have not received it, please contact the shipping carrier for further assistance. We are not responsible for incorrect or misspelled addresses upon check out. It is the responsibility of the buyer to triple check and verify that all information (including address) is correct before placing your order. Please note, due to the high amount and volume of orders, once your order is already processing or has already shipped, we are unable to make any changes to the address.


Does She'z Royalty Collection offer international shipping?

Yes, She'z Royalty Collection does offer international shipping to most countries. We utilize either DHL or FedEx for International shipping. As DHL and FedEx cannot ship internationally to a postal box or mailing center, we require you to submit a physical address on file.


Are there customs fees/taxes when I receive my items?

All packages imported into your native country may be subject to customs, taxes and/or other fees. Please note, She'z Royalty Collection is not responsible for any applicable customs, duties, taxes and/or fees that may be charged by your country. These charges are not within our control and we have no way of determining what they may be as customs policies/fees vary widely from country to country. For further information, please contact your country's customs office for any charges or rates on packages arriving from another country.


Do I have the option to pick up my order in person if I order online?

Yes! She’z Royalty Collection offers all of our Queens the convenience of local pick up. After placing your order, please email us at with your name and order number and please indicate whether you would like to pick up your order. Once we have received your email, one of our customer service representatives will contact you to schedule a pick-up time and location.  


Is there a physical location where I can purchase products from She'z Royalty Collection?


At the moment all purchases must be made online via our website.


How am I protected against fraudulent orders?

At She’z Royalty Collection we work diligently to protect the safety and security of our customers. All She’z Royalty Collection’s orders are checked thoroughly for fraudulent activity. If we are unable to verify your payment through the information you have provided us, we will communicate what is needed for us to proceed with the order process. Please note that additional verification and/or payment details may be required. Any fraudulent high risk orders will be put on hold until our team investigates further. Please make sure your billing and shipping information are 100% correct and match the card you wish to use. Any orders with Fraud alerts will not be shipped until all details and information are verified. No exceptions.


Do you have a privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions page?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy here and Terms and Conditions here as it contains important details about your rights and obligations as well as limitations and exclusions that may apply to you. 



At She’z Royalty Collection we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and a smooth shopping experience at all times. Our friendly staff is readily available 24 hours a day for customer support during the entire purchasing process. Whether it’s a simple question or major concern, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Please reach out to us at and a customer service representative will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours. 









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